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Portland, Oregon

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Seeking hoppiness one community at a time.

The Hoppiness Project is a community fitness organization aiming to highlight neighborhood businesses in Portland.

Our goal is to connect people with their larger community and local businesses through fitness pop-up events and celebrate wellness and our neighborhoods.

We are connectors, mentors, celebrators, and neighbors.

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Seek hoppiness by pursuing your passions


Neighborhoods in Portland have a local brewery or pub, and those establishments are an important part of connecting with our neighbors and establishing community. We want to bring awareness to these businesses  and to connect with others who share our passions. 


A healthy community is a strong and vibrant community. But strong doesn't have to mean time in a gym. It can be anywhere, using the environment around you to strengthen your body, using movement as a path to fitness. We want to bring people together to promote health & wellness to others.

Food & Drink

Oregon is nationally known for many things, especially robust beer, wine, and distillery businesses that partner with independent excellent restaurants. In every town and neighborhood, these establishments serve as community hubs. These businesses are what make Oregon - and Portland - help maintain a strong pioneering and independent spirit.